On Faith

This is a perfect example of my belief system, written some years ago by Steven Tyler.

It’s something that comes from inside, like thinking you can walk when you cover your eyes. The second you are brave enough to do that, when you let go and place your confidence elsewhere, you unleash a magic that’s greater than yourself. Something external takes over.

It’s not the human creation of God. It’s not the rules written by man. It is the universal existence of internal feelings: senses of right and wrong, morality, grief, heartbreak, understanding, wonder, awe.

All men have rules written differently. Because of my personal perspective, I seek what’s expressed between the lines and what brings concepts together.

I am not judgmental or hostile. I wish I could say that about everyone, but judgment and hostility are strong forces practiced by many mostly as a defence and generally because they feel threatened.

My perception of God is found here, like this. I fully believe God is. I am as honest as possible. This is who I am. You can take me as I am or walk away. It’s your choice.