Holy Cow!

Yesterday was a bugger. Everything that could go wrong did. I was interrupted without reason a hundred times. My internet connection went lopsided for a good 20 minutes. I developed a new migraine early. I felt an episode of PTSD coming on when we were in the first 15 minutes of the film. We watched an episode of Kavanaugh, QC after that that had to do with war in Bosnia which then destroyed the rest of the night.

I haven’t felt this threatened for a long time. The memories of the event that occurred in 1990 refreshed daily for years. That’s the nature of PTSD. Most of the time I can control my reactions these days. Last night was just too much.

On happier notes, babycat starvation was averted by 4 am. I was able to pull myself back together by 8. Groceries were delivered. We move on with the day.

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