The Cruithne

Pre-Pict research begin somewhere in Scythia around 800 B.C., but the Pictish nation congealed around 300 A.D. There are conflicting stories all over the place, many websites, and many ethnicities involved.

So far, as it is with just about every civilization, the travels of tribes lead us all over the world. They are also mysterious and often based on legend.

A key factor for me was that the Cruithne legend indicates heritage that goes back to Noah’s sons. The legend is that the original Cruithne was one of them, though not of the tribes that established Israel. Some sons went east and some west.

Cruithne’s people settled in the Siberian steppes of Eurasia and traveled into what was Scythia at the time. The Cruithne battled others in a search for a peaceful place to live. Their last battle was against the Urnifal tribe. While they won, their decision to move on and sail out to the Atlantic and go north had a great impact on Britain, and particularly the Pictish nation.

To be continued.

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