I don’t know how this got past me all these years, but it did. In the 1980s I lived in a croft about 1/4 mile from the burgeoning tourist trap growing on the Back O’Bennachie near Oyne in Aberdeenshire.

If the croft had its own name, I didn’t know it. When people asked where I lived, I’d say just across the road from Bog End. That was a farm that I remember had cows, pigs, and horses. Being the reputed sappy animal lover at heart, I would wander over there and play with them constantly. They got used to me and would wait for me at the fence.

I used to walk along this burn.

The name Bog End didn’t hit me even after I had been told, but they were quite proud of the twist. Bag End. Bog End.

Uncle Bilbo would have been pleased.

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